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How can I convert a PDF file to Zip

How can I convert a PDF file to Zip

It may take quite a long time to send a PDF file to others via Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, QQ or other communication tools or send a PDF file as an attachment the PDF file is too large, or it may hard to manage if there are too many PDF files available, it may not easy to locate the proper PDF files you need. Then, you need to convert your PDF file to a Zip file.

The Zip file format is a data compression and archive format. A Zip file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size or stored as-is. When you get large files, you can Zip it to reduce the file size, when you get a bunch of file, you can compress to a single Zip file that which may benefit for your future search and use.

The following example may help you get a clear understanding of the actual need when PDF file need to be converted to a Zip file.

“I have an assignment due Thursday and the instructor asked us to upload it as a single zip file. After finishing the write-up on the paper, i will scan it and obtain a pdf file. But then i don’t know how to convert it to a zip file. Is there a free software on the Internet? Thanks!”

It is may not be hard to convert a PDF file to a Zip file using the steps below:
1. Download and install WinRAR from www.rarlab.com (skip it if you already have)
2. Right click the PDF file or click the folder that contains PDF files.
3. Select add to archive.
4. Under the archive format select zip.
5. Click OK.
Then, you will get zip file in the same directory as the PDF one.

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