How to Edit Password Protected PDF Files

Adding password to a PDF file can protect it from being edited by others. However, it can be quite annoying when you lost the password. In order to edit password protected PDF file without knowing the exact password, you need remove the password first.

Doremisoft PDF Password Remover is a program that has been specifically developed to do that. It has two different versions: PDF Password Remover and PDF Password Remover for Mac. Thus, both Windows and Mac users can quickly remove the password and security restrictions for PDF, and then edit protected PDF files freely.

Free Download PDF Password Remover Free Download PDF Password Remover for Mac

How to Remove PDF Password for Editing on Windows/Mac OS

Tips: This tutorial is written based on Mac version. The step by step guide can be applied to Windows version also.

Step 1: Run Mac PDF Password Remover

Free download and install this PDF Password Remover for Mac. Then double-click its shortcut to launch it on your Mac PC.
edit protected PDF

Step 2: Add PDF Files to this Mac Software

Click the "Add Files" button to import password protected PDF files to the program. You can add multiple PDF files for batch decryption at one time.
edit protected PDF

Step 3: Remove PDF Password on Mac

First you can choose the "Customize" option to select the output file folder. Then hit the "Start" button to begin remove password from PDF file for Editing.

When the PDF decryption is done, you will be able to edit protected PDF on your PC. Then, the question is "How to edit a PDF file". There are two ways to achieve this goal:

Edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat Directly

Editing PDF in Acrobat will only work if you know the original authoring password, or if the PDF file is not password protected. After decryption, you can open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, edit the protected PDF directly, and then save your PDF file.

Convert PDF to Editable File Format

PDF is a read-only file format that widely used by users. In order to edit PDF files, you can convert the read-only PDF to some editable file formats. The best format to work with is Microsoft Word (Doc/Docx). You can use PDF to Word Converter software to convert PDF to Word file for editing.

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