How to Remove Encryption from a PDF File

Some publishers and authors choose to encrypt their PDF documents. Users, who do not have the proper password, cannot perform certain tasks, like opening, copying, editing, or printing PDF files. Is there any chance to remove PDF encryption to access and modify an important PDF file? Several PDF applications can help to remove password and restrictions on a PDF document.

Doremisoft PDF Encryption Remover (PDF Password Remover and PDF Password Remover for Mac) is such a professional PDF tool that developed to remove password and restrictions from PDF files. It is extremely easy to use, which can finish any PDF encryption in only three simple steps.

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How to Remove PDF Encryption with Password Unknown

Notes: There are two types of passwords. The user or open password is required to open the encrypted PDF document. The owner password restricts others from copying, editing, or printing PDF. Doremisoft PDF Password Remover can remove PDF owner password automatically. But for PDF files protected with user password, the correct password is required first.

Instructions on Removing PDF Encryption:

Step 1: Launch PDF Encryption Remover
Download and install the proper version of Doremisoft PDF Encryption Remover. Then, launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Import Encrypted PDF Document
Click the "Add Files" button to upload encrypted PDF file to the program. This PDF Encryption Remover allows you to add batches of PDF files at one time.
PDF encryption remover

If your PDF file is locked with user password, you need to enter the right user password first.
PDF encryption remover

Step 3: Remove Encryption from PDF
Click the "Customize" button to set the output file folder. Then, hit the "Convert" button to remove Encryption from PDF files.

Doremisoft PDF Encryption Remover is really a simple yet powerful PDF tool. With it, decryption can be done instantly. Then, you can freely copy, edit, or print password protected PDF files.

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