Online Tools to convert PDF files into Flash SWF format

General speaking, pdf files is not easy to read or editor, so we always need to convert pdf files to word, text etc for editing, convert pdf files to flash for embedding to web or blog for share, this article will mainly tell you how to insert pdf files to web as flash flipping pages.

Here, i'd like to suggest two online pdf to flash tools and one best offline pdf to flash software.

1: Codebox- PDF to Flash Page Flip
Codebox- PDF to Flash Page Flip supports chop pdf files into separated SWF movies, one per each page found in the document. It can create an XML file with all the parameters needed to feed the book, then bundle altogether in a ready to use zip file.

zip file:
index.html Double click to see your movie. contains all necessary JS and HTML
data/pages/ Every page converted to SWF
data/pages.xml Relation of pages and configuration parameters passed to the flipping book
swfobject.js Used in index.html for flash loading pourposes
book.swf Book flash movie based on Dynamic Page Flip v2
log.txt A conversion log. Basically the output of pdf2swf tool from Check it for clues if you are experiencing conversion problems

2: PDFMeNot
PDFMeNot supports embed PDF files in web pages for inline viewing or you want to read PDF files on a computer that has no Acrobat Reader.

Here's how to create Flash movies from PDF documents:
1. Go to and type the URL of the PDF file - you can use this PDF link as an example. Alternatively upload a PDF from the local hard drive.

2. In your Firefox menu bar, click Tools -> Page Info -> Media. Select the object that has an SWF extension and save it to your disk. That's the SWF file created from your PDF document. For IE, here's the trick to save Flash locally.

3: Doremisoft pdf to flash converter
PDF to Flash Converter can batch convert PDF files into Flash swf files, which is the best solution to turn pdf into flash. Because PDF to Flash Converter has the ability to automatic generate swf files from PDF and generate an HTML web page flipping books.

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Step1: Download PDF to Flash Converter on your PC
Step2: Click "Add files" to import PDF files.
Step3: Click "Convert" to create flash flipping book from pdf with best quality and fast speed.

PDF to Flash Converter

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